XTC Polaris RZR High Beam LED Light Bar Remote Activation System

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      So you don't have a ton of accessories to wire up on your RZR but want to add a light bar to your rig? You don't want to cut a hole in your dash?!? It doesn't get any easier than this folks...The Polaris RZR High Beam LED Light Bar Remote Activation System lets you add a light bar or one other device without having to pull your dash apart and cut in a switch!! BRILLIANT!!

      When you want to use your Light Bar just hit your High Beam and that will turn it on. This genius system plugs into your existing high beam circuit to trigger a relay, then all power goes through a Sealed Relay with Diode Protection that reduce voltage spikes from field collapse protecting your Light Bar Investment. Done simple... Done Right! 

      RZR-HB-Relay Light Bar Activation System using High Beam Switch to turn on and off Light Bar without adding a panel switch

      • Easy Install Plug and Play
      • Plugs into Right Head Light
      • Metri-Pack sealed Relay Mounts on Fire Wall
      • Diode Protection that reduces voltage spikes
      • Up to 30 AMP Light Bar
      • Includes Cable Ties, Self Tapping Screw and Butt Connector



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