WP Pro Big Brake Kit Front ONLY Can Am Maverick X3

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      The Can-Am X3 factory brakes are definitely an overlooked component when upgrading your machine.  With more horsepower and better suspension comes the need to stop faster.  A common complaint about the Can-Am Maverick X3 brakes is the pedal feel.  This is attributed to the over use of steel braided line and a floating caliper. Without changing any brake line components, the next best upgrade is to improve the actual brake parts.  To offer an enhanced braking experience, Vivid Racing has developed a full front big brake kit with WP Pro Brakes.  WP Pro has been engineering braking components for nearly 25 years.  With popular big brake upgrades for vehicles like the Nissan GT-R, BMW M4, Mini Cooper S and 2 piece performance rotor upgrades for the Jaguar F-Type, Porsche GT3, Mercedes AMG, and more; WP Pro Brakes is on top of their stopping game.  The Can-Am Maverick X3 big brake kit was designed for the weekend warrior and race enthusiast that wants function as well as a beautiful piece of machinery under their wheels.  Development of this kit took nearly 7 months to perfect the best combination of pistons, piston size, rotors, and pad compound.  The brake kit was tested under a variety of conditions to make sure the masses would find the upgrade very useful. 

      Each set of 2 piece brake rotors starts out life from a sand casting of steel iron that is then heat treated to 800C.  The rotors feature a V design for the vane which is lighter and dissipates heat faster than a standard square design.  The trademark look of WP Pro is the “Sun Cut” rotor style.  Not only is this lighter than a fully rounded rotor, it also helps with cooling.  What makes it a 2 piece rotor is the stainless steel spring washer attached to the factory hub which provides 35,000-40,000th of play giving you a true floating system.  Each rotor is put on a specialized machine for “skimming’ so the rotors run out is 0.10mm and balanced below 5 grams.

      The 2 piece caliper used on the big brake kit is from a block of forged 6061 T6 aluminum.  The S4 caliper used is the smaller caliper that WP Pro makes which has been machined to a 6piston design for optimal clamping force and surface area.  The bolts used to connect the caliper halves are designed to allow it to have some flex so the metal can expand and retract under extreme conditions.  This is less than 40,000th of an inch which is typical for a 2 piece caliper.  The calipers bolt to the Can-Am X3 wheel knuckle with a Ductile Iron bracket which is extremely rigid and strong.  Each set of calipers feature a 6 piston design that includes dust seals.  The 25x25x25 mm pistons includes internal springs to help with pedal pressure, Teflon seals, and are drilled to reduce weight.  The calipers feature an inner and outer bleed screw to allow you to proper bleed each caliper.  A massive spring clip holds the pads in place but can easily be removed to swap out the pads without removing the full caliper.  The final QA process on the calipers is a pressure test to make sure all components are functioning properly.  The 6 piston caliper comes in a variety of powder coated colors that feature the WP Pro logo.

      The final part that makes the WP Pro Can-Am X3 big brake kit stop is the brake pads.  We chose to include the WP Pro Green Racing Pads with the kit. We found that the Green brake pads work best for the X3 once warmed up to offer a very strong bite.  Because this is a race pad, at very slow speeds they can be noisy, but will go the distance with a rating up to 600 degrees Celsius.  Like all performance brake components, they need to be bed-in once installed.  This helps mate the pad compound to the rotor surface to prevent any vibration or hot spotting.  The bed-in process is typically done by doing about 5-10 hard braking stops from 50-0 mph without skidding.  Once the pads are warmed up, you will feel the immediate, strong bite they provide.  An alternative Gray Street Pad is available that is good up to 500 degrees Celsius.

      If you are looking to upgrade your brakes and want to style up your UTV, than the WP Pro Can-Am X3 brake kit is for you!


      • 2017-2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 2 Door or 4 Door MAX
        • Maverick X3 Turbo
        • Maverick X3 Turbo R
        • Maverick X3 X DS Turbo R
        • Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R
        • Maverick X3 X RC Turbo
        • Maverick X3 X RC Turbo R
        • Maverick X3 X MR Turbo
        • Maverick X3 X MR Turbo R


      • Rotor Size
        • Stock Front - 260mm
        • WP Pro Front – 273mm
      • Rotor Weight
        • Stock Front - 2.34lbs
        • WP Pro Front – 5.55lbs
      • Caliper Weight
        • Stock Front - 2.10lbs
        • WP Pro Front – 3.24lbs
      • Caliper Style
        • Stock – 2 piston single side floating caliper
        • WP Pro – 6 piston rigid caliper
      • Caliper Piston
        • Stock – 2x 31.9mm
        • WP Pro – 3x 25mm (you measure one side)


      • Complete bolt-on big brake kit.  No modifications or additional parts required.
      • 6 Piston caliper from 6061 forged aluminum.
      • 2 Piece floating vented drilled rotor with special Sun Cut design.
      • Works with stock brake lines and master cylinder.
      • Includes aggressive Green Race Pads.
      • Beautifully Powder Coated Calipers with WP Pro logo.
      • Fits most all 15 inch wheels. (Tested with Fuel 15x7 38mm)


      • For those using OEM 14 inch wheels, requires SuperATV 2in spacers 
      • Use Only Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid.  We prefer Motul RBF600 
      • Must bed-in brakes after initial installation. 5-10 hard braking stops from 50-0 mph without skidding.
      • With Green Race Pads, initial bite may not be strong till pads are warmed up.
      • Pad knock back is common under extreme side-loading conditions.
      • Optional Upgrade (Not Required) - Improve brake rigidity and reduce side-loading flex from the stock hubs with the ZRP Billet Knuckles an Hubs 
      • As tested for race vehicles (Not Required for Normal Use)
        • A Wilwood 7/8” or 15/16” master cylinder can be used for extreme pedal pressure.  These require custom fittings (1/2 - 20 male to an inverted female 10mm) and new mounting holes drilled.
          • Part Number - 260-14241 for 7/8”
          • Part Number - 260-14242 for 15/16”
      • A Wilwood proportioning valve can be used to change the brake bias as needed.  Requires custom fittings.
        • Part Number - 260-11179 – Combination Proportioning Valve
        • Part Number - 260-10922 - Proportioning Valve, Knob Style
      • Please verify fitment data at www.wilwood.com.
      • Spare parts are available for purchase.  Please contact us for pricing
      • ****Comes in black blue red yellow silver and orange. Please specify what color you would like when ordering or you will get sent what is in stock.****

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