2020 POLARIS RZR XP Pro turbo ECU Tune

$ 499.99

With Flash Cable
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      Hard Core Tuned offers ECU tuning to enhance the performance of your Polaris RZR XP Pro.  By doing an ECU Flash for the XP Pro, you can greatly improve the performance of your Polaris.  ECU Tuning is done to take into account your driving style, modifications, and environment.  With HCT Tuned, we give you the best file the first time.  You don't need to do "stage" tunes.  With basic bolt-ons such as intake or exhaust, the ECU will adjust giving you more power and performance. 

      This ECU flash is not for California versions.

      Horsepower Ratings:

      • Gain 15hp horsepower depending on mods and octane used!

      What does the ECU Flash do?

      • Speed Limiter Raised
      • Rev Limiter Raised 
      • Improved Throttle Response - 100% Active E-Throttle
      • Cooling Fan Temperature ON value lowered
      • Much improved driving experience!

      Your ECU can either be mailed or dropped off to our Phoenix, AZ facility for reprogramming or a new ECU is available for an additional.  $549.99. Questions? 480.500.8995

      841 s 7st ave

      Phoenix,AZ 85043

      Please NOTE: 

      • For off road competition use only
      • When sending ECU in please have your contact information and your XP Pro Vin number

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