ECU Tuning Textron Wildcat XX Flash

$ 499.00 $ 549.00

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      Hard Core Tuning is proud to release the Textron Wildcat XX ECU flash! We beleve this is one of the first upgrades you should do to your vehicle.  It's a well designed machine with amazing suspension, comfortable seating and a 3 cylinder engine that produces 125 horsepower at the crank (aprox 114 at the rear wheels), there is horsepower to gain. The Textron Wildcat XX can now be added to the list of vehicles we can custom tune.  Tested on a Mustang Dyno here in Arizona on 91 octane and 110F temperatures, we were able to show some significant gains for the normal aspirated, high revving engine.  Besides horsepower gains, we have several other features that give the Wildcat XX an vast improvement over stock.

      Upgrades Include:

      • 4-6 rear to the rear wheels!
      • 2 foot pedal controls (you can use your left foot on the brake and right foot for gas at the same time)
      • Improved timing and fuel tables
      • Rev limiter raised to 9850 (that's 750 higher than stock)
      • Speed limiter removed. 
      • Improved throttle response

      **Please allow a few extra days for the tuning**

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